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Back Again (BG) Tanitim

Are you familiar with stories of people being summoned to another world in order to become a hero?


Well, I’m sure you’ve read plenty stories like that.

These kinds of stories always have twists like falling in love with the princess, being used and forced by the kingdom, becoming a demon king himself, exploiting alot of things, the demon queen falling in love with the hero, and such.

But what if…everything went so well till the end?

A happy ending?

There is no such thing.

There was simply death.

And a new beginning.

Join our hero as he survives the summoning, dies of old age, and reincarnated back to his previous world!


WARNING! This story’s MC will be super OP! Why? Because I don’t like fight scenes!!!

So I thought: “”I’ll make the MC so strong, the fights will become super simple!”

So there.

Teehee :p

P.S.: I really hope this is an original plot of mine…..

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